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SimplicIT, the Costco of IT. You pay a little bit extra to save, except for instead of fuzzy socks, diamond necklaces, and giant stuffed animals, you pay $45 a month per employee for IT savings, plus á la carte add-ons. Please don’t say you’d prefer the fuzzy socks until you read this list. The deal: a 24/7/365 help desk, NOC, SOC, Data Back-Up, Antivirus, Malware, Spyware Protection and Remediation, Password Management (bu-bye post it notes), an Account Manager (up to 5 hours Free per month, your Point of contact for all things IT), Cost Reduction, a Self-Service Portal, IT Service, Support Provider and Hardware procurement (a new service provider, new software, new onsite support, or new hardware, we’ll get you whatever you need, vetted, and at our cost), Asset, Service, and Infrastructure Documentation, IT Consulting, QBR’s (Quarterly Business Reviews) Customizable Reporting, & Auditing, IT Expense Management (single portal for paying IT Service Bills, with real time cost monitoring 7 overcharge recovery) and Project Management. Try reading that aloud three times fast. To top that Giant slice off, with our Cost Pass Through Cherry, you pay what we pay (Wholesale Rates)…….Hot diggity! We hope you’re as psyched as we are!


We know. Commitment can be scary (cough, cough millennials…), or some people just prefer to order a few appetizers instead of a whole entrée. That’s why we made this one the same á la carte just non-subscription based. We don’t ever want to lie to you, so here’s the scoop: this service is basically SimplicIT, but it will cost you more. Don’t believe us? First, ouch, second, we will show you how much you could be saving on every bill by switching to SimplicIT. Totally cool if this one’s still calling your name, but we just had to be transparent. See what we did there… 

Self Service Portal

No Need To Change Providers

Note: If your business is in a serious relationship with your current MSP (Managed Service Provider), we would be overjoyed to work with them also. We exist to support them, so they can support the you’s of America. Single and ready to mingle? We will find you an MSP or replace your current MSP because we really want you to have one that works for you.   


Fiduciary Duty Clause & Service Level Agreement

Cost Reduction

Self Service Portal: Trouble Ticket, Invoicing, Project Management, Product & Service Ordering

Asset Management & Configuration


Network Assessment, Diagraming, Reporting

*Required for Asset Management

Service Provider Procurement

Hardware / Software Procurement

Onsite IT Support Provider Procurement Leveraging Our National Network of Discipline Based, Vetted, Quality Assured, IT Support Providers

Consulting, Project Management, Procurement

Login / Password Management

Data Back Up

Help Desk & Device & Network - Management, Monitoring, Remediation, Threat Protection

Network Devices: Switches, Routers, Firewalls



Real Time Monitoring SIEM Compliance (HIPAA, PCI)

Security Awareness Training

Onboarding Fee

1 x Monthly Recurring Cost


$45 /M Full-time employee


You keep up to 90% of the savings!




Cost Pass Through

Cost Pass Through

Cost Pass Through

.33 HR /User/Month

(2 Max) 

See Prepaid Hour Block Pricing








Plus $40/Device

(5 Min)


Onboarding Fee

2 x Monthly Recurring Cost


Ala Carte


25% of Saving Found or Created

(50% over 24 months)





35% Marginal Increase

Starting at 

$119.99 /Hour











Plus $80/Device

(5 Min)