Specific Needs

Micro and Small Business

Dynamic Needs

On-Site Support (IT Support Provider)

IT Service, Support Provider and Hardware procurement

Project Management

Reporting / Quarterly Business Reviews

Employee On-boarding / Off-boarding

Training and Provisioning

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Up / Down Monitoring

AWS, Azure, Hyper V, Vm Ware, & SAN Servers Supported

Install Firmware & Upgrades

Hardware Warranty Support

NOC takes care of Devices…People need love too so this service gives your users access to 24/7/365 phone support, like, with a real person, and…wait for IT…based in the US!

Antivirus, Malware, Spyware Protection and Remediation

Full support of Window and Mac; note: Best Effort for Mobile devices, OS, and 3rd Party Software

Updates & Patching so your never at risk with old software

Up / Down Monitoring

Vendor Escalation / Remediation

Firmware Updates

Proactive & Reactive Monitoring & Remediation

SOC - Security Operations Center

Real Time Threat Monitoring

Network Device Monitoring

On-premise or Cloud Servers

Managed security awareness program

PCI, FFIEC, and HIPPA compliance

SOC (Security Operations Center)
Infrastructure Documentation

Asset, Service, and Infrastructure Documentation

This is arguably the most important thing you do. As nothing can be done until we know what’s going on. Once we do this it’s easy to manage IT.

We use a Document management platform from one of our partners IT Glue . This allows us to keep all of your important info in one place. We find when it comes to IT, people have a lot of stuff and don’t know where to put it and then things get messy. Consider us your maid here. We have a closet for all you IT stuff. We’ll put it all where it belongs so it’s easy to work on, understand and manage.

Password Management

Manage Personal Passwords

Manage Department Passwords

Share Passwords with the employees that need them, not the ones that don’t.

Good Bye Post it notes

Password Management
Data Backup

Data Back-up

File & image Level Back-Up

Customizable Scheduling & Retention

Restore to Different Specked devices

Restore to bare Metal

Quarterly Business Reviews

This is our way of touching base on a regular basis with you so you are always aware of what’s up with IT.

Everything about your IT is documented (Included with SimplicIT, add on cost with ClarIT) so we can run reports on anything you want. Is Joe putting in way more tickets than Mary? Maybe Joe needs training not troubleshooting. Our reporting will tell us.

We will also have reports on demand for you to request.

  • Hardware Audits
  • Service Provider Audits / Contract look ups
  • IT device health & risk assessments
Quarterly Business Reviews
Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

Our clients are overpaying on connectivity services by more than 40%!

Average of 17k per client per year 

We find this missing money and help manage the changes

No commitment, Gain Share and only if you want to move forward.

Self Service Portal

Create tickets

Pay invoices

Look at agreements

Request Procurement

Run Reports

Access your documentation

Access to your asset management

Self Service Portal
Prepaid Hours

Pre Paid Hours

You may need lots of help. Maybe even more than the 5 Free hours per month (up to). We got IT covered.

We have block hours that get cheaper the more you need.

Our Pre-Paid hours never expire, and we bill to the minute so you always get what you pay for.

Onsite IT Support Procurement

Maybe you have an MSP (IT Support Provider, the guys that come on site to fix things.), maybe you don’t.

Maybe your MSP knows how to do certain things maybe he doesn’t.

Whatever the situation, we have your back, your sides and your front. We find what you need for the lowest cost at the highest service level.

We can procure discipline specific IT needs.

Onsite IT

Hardware / Software Procurement

Hardware or Software, if you need it we order it, at the most Froogal price point we can find on the web.

We order, receive, deal with RMAs, document, and Deliver

Don’t forget you pay what we pay!

IT Expense Management

IT Service Provider Costs get cheaper over time, when they do, they should change for you…automatically also!

We monitor your monthly Tech and Utility service Bills and usage.

We recollect on over payments and keep your rate plans up to date with the latest carrier changes….keep your spend as Froogal as possible.

We also make your accountant happy, they can pay all these bills in one portal!

Lastly, this keeps all your service Contracts and Letters of Authorization (very important for us here in IT world, as they let us work with providers on your behalf) right at our fingertips, and yours!

Expense Management
Account Manager

Froogal Account Manager

Our Secret Sauce

Your Point of Contact

Did we mention they give hugs?

They are your right hand man and your MSP’s (IT Support Provider) right hand man.

They help translate and make sure things run on course, on time, and on budget.

No Need To Change Providers

Note: If your business is in a serious relationship with your current MSP (Managed Service Provider), we would be overjoyed to work with them also. We exist to support them, so they can support the you’s of America. Single and ready to mingle? We will find you an MSP or replace your current MSP because we really want you to have one that works for you.   


Fiduciary Duty Clause & Service Level Agreement

Cost Reduction

Self Service Portal: Trouble Ticket, Invoicing, Project Management, Product & Service Ordering

Asset Management & Configuration


Network Assessment, Diagraming, Reporting

*Required for Asset Management

Service Provider Procurement

Hardware / Software Procurement

Onsite IT Support Provider Procurement Leveraging Our National Network of Discipline Based, Vetted, Quality Assured, IT Support Providers

Consulting, Project Management, Procurement

Login / Password Management

Data Back Up

Help Desk & Device & Network - Management, Monitoring, Remediation, Threat Protection

Network Devices: Switches, Routers, Firewalls



Real Time Monitoring SIEM Compliance (HIPAA, PCI)

Security Awareness Training

Onboarding Fee

1 x Monthly Recurring Cost


$45 /M Full-time employee


You keep up to 90% of the savings!




Cost Pass Through

Cost Pass Through

Cost Pass Through

.33 HR /User/Month

(2 Max) 

See Prepaid Hour Block Pricing








Plus $40/Device

(5 Min)


Onboarding Fee

2 x Monthly Recurring Cost


Ala Carte


25% of Saving Found or Created

(50% over 24 months)





35% Marginal Increase

Starting at 

$119.99 /Hour











Plus $80/Device

(5 Min)