IT… just seeing the acronym makes you nervous, right? It’s IT! shrouded in mystery and usually implies hours of frustration and confusion. At Froogal, our goal is to change that implication because, frankly, it hurts our feelings. We love people and we love technology, and we want to see America’s Small and Micro Business get exactly what they need at the right price.

Froogal is an information technology services company that focuses on IT telecommunications cost reduction for Micro to Small Businesses. We guarantee that with us by your side, you will never have to cry over technology again (and if you do, maybe just not on the keyboard). We take the $H out of your IT.



And we're off!!!!

Saves 17K

On Average / Yearly!

51% Bi-Yearly


That’s what we call Froogal…


This is a process by which we look into a crystal ball and tell you how you can reduce your IT Telecommunications costs. Crystal ball or not, we carefully analyze the current IT Telecommunications setup and figure out how you can help you save that young money! Not too $habby.


Think of Froogal – Cost Reduction as the Keto of telecommunications… we trim the fat from your monthly spend, but it’s less painful than cutting carbs and sugar from your diet.




We want to work with America’s Small and Micro Business owners who understand technology enough to know…

They are overpaying for Telecommunications but have no idea how to check

Telecommunications impacts their business

Telecommunications is the foundation of their Business process

They don’t want to worry about Telecommunications

They want education about Telecommunications… not too much but enough to feel comfortable with Telecommunications

They want to be guided by an Technology expert whom understands their business and can apply Technology to Telecommunications



We have made it easy for your MSP (Managed Service Provider) ie your IT company, to collect all your Telecommunications info that we know you are paying way too much for. Then… we do our thing. We review everything telecommunications about your company and figure out where we can save you money (we know that Tesla is calling your name), and how we can improve your technology service. On average, we save our clients a lot of time and more than 50% of their 24-month telecommunication spends.

We help your IT company manage the changes and improvements that you have agreed to and document your IT service providers so that we can start to implement changes! Then the fun part: you get to stop worrying about overpaying for IT. SO exciting. SO Logical.

Side Note – if you’re all “hey that’s sounds awesome, but I don’t have a IT MSP thingy” don’t worry – We love making intros and we have tons of great IT Company Partners we work with and we can setup a blind date for you.

One more time in a nutshell: we find your Telecommunications savings, negotiate your new rates, and help your IT company set up the new services for you.

We operate off the belief that proactive (NOT the acne stuff) is better than reactive and we want to make sure that we’ve got you covered.