Our Process


True ROI.....with a touch of MMMMMMMM (just like Mom used to make)


Purposeful review, with an intentional thirty thousand foot view to curate proper IT documentation.

We look into a crystal ball and tell you how you can reduce your business’IT costs. Not too $habby.


We have an amazing pre-built walk-in closet ready and waiting for all your $h IT.

We will help you put IT away and keep IT tidy.


If IT‘s not broke we don’t fix IT 

Our intent is to help your create a stable IT infrastructure and environment at the most Froogal price point – Hello StablIT!



Once your house is in order keeping it clean and protected becomes far less taxing. 

We can now start helping you apply technology to your Business, instead of just fixing IT all the time.

Why we do what we do

IT…just seeing the acronym makes you nervous, right? It’s IT! shrouded in mystery and usually implies hours of frustration and confusion. At Froogal, our goal is to change that implication because, frankly, it hurts our feelings. Froogal is an information technology services company that manages all things IT for Micro to Small Businesses. We concentrate on cost reduction, IT support, and organization  to help your company become more self-sufficient (technologically speaking) and to provide you with the resources that can help you when you just don’t get IT. We guarantee that with us by your side, you will never have to cry over technology again (and if you do, maybe just not on the keyboard). We take the $H out of your IT. 


This is what we do



That word IT again. We swear it will grow on you. This is your wholesale IT membership, or your Cost Pass Through, which is what we call it around here. You pay what we pay for all your needed á la carte IT services. We also give you a personal IT chauffeur to steer your IT in the right direction and to do Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) to show you that we’re on the right path. We packed so much stuff into this package that you probably won’t even read all of it.

You should, but if you don’t, our point is that we’ve got your IT covered.

Extras: you choose your toppings. This one’s for those of you who want it all, delivered as “Froogally” as possible.

SimplicIT is where IT’s at.



Clear plastic. Or glass. A fresh drink of water in the form of a non-subscription-based IT service. You pay for what you order. ClarIT is SimplicIT, still á la carte but just a little more $$. Let’s be honest, if it’s savings that you want, SimplicIT is the better option. No bullshIT. Don’t believe us? We will show you your potential savings on every invoice. That being said, if you fear long-term commitment and you just want to try us out, we made this one for you!

Extras: Pickles, cheese, NOC, SOC and two smoking barrels, data backup, a help desk and login/password management.

Check out our full services page for more information.

It will NOC your SOCs off.



Admin / Doc

Enables clients to be Froogal with their spend.
Minimize the incremental risks and related costs of evolving IT infrastructure.
All IT related documentation in one portal.


Conduct a baseline risk assessment.
Identifies the human vulnerabilities.
Cost savings – less hardware burn.
Seamless deployment & low maintenance.
Better risk management.


Increased productivity.
Reduce security vulnerabilities.


Remediation of immediate needs.
Remediation of incidents and technical issues of end users.
3rd party escalations and remediations.
Core applications suite help.


10 day or less provisioning time.
Day 1 Ready!
Saves time and money.
Frees up spend. Implements new and more feature rich technologies.
Mitigate capital outlay.
Recycle old assets.

Dynamic Needs

One point of contact for all things IT.
Always have an advocate on YOUR side.