Why do we do it? Because contrary to IT dork stereotype (we prefer adorkable), we really do love people as much as we love technology. And we know something that you may have suspected: IT Support Providers can be arrogant or just plain rude and sometimes they take advantage of people who don’t speak their code. Blame it on too little vitamin D or not enough human interaction, but sometimes, they overcharge for IT support because they can. And sometimes they will sell you the whole kitchen sink when all you really needed was a drain stopper. Like we said, rude. This whole “exclusive club” thing they’ve got going on where they pull the wool over your eyes and charge you too much is giving us a bad rep. Which is why we decided to turn those people into (black sheep) and the exception, not the norm in the SMB IT market.

Enter: Froogal!

We are the loyal golden retriever type of the IT world. We came into existence to do one thing (or 5): to make IT interactions with small businesses honest, easy, organized, affordable, and maybe even enjoyable. We exist for you; odds-defying, heart on your sleeve, micro to small businesses. We are everything that you don’t think of when you think about IT and we are going to make sure that becomes the industry standard. Froogal wants to partner with you, save you time and money, and let you focus on what you do best while we do what we do best. We will show you how we IT people turn the tricks and then teach you how to turn some yourself. Unfortunately, the rabbit is not included.



We’ve got the goods. First, we just want to do a consultation with you. We want to hear about the technology issues that keep you up at night: any problems with your technology, services, and support providers. You’ll tell us your technology needs, how your current technology works, and then the fun part: you get to stop worrying about IT. Then, we do our thing. We review everything tech about your company and figure out where we can save you money (we know that Tesla is calling your name), and how we can improve your technology service. On average, we save our clients a lot of time and more than 40% of their 24-month technology spends. If we can’t find any savings or changes (just being candid, it’s rare), or if you just plain don’t like us or our findings (also pretty darn rare), you owe us nothing and we will continue on our merry way. All we ask is that you pass our name along to other companies that we might be able to help.

If you do decide to move forward with us, you get to keep up to 75% of any savings that we find or create over a 24-month period. We will manage the changes and improvements that you have agreed to and document your IT service providers, network infrastructure, and device assets so that we can start to implement changes and manage your IT! Together, we will decide which of our core services is right for you and your team: SimplicIT or ClarIT. SO exciting.

If you choose (we really hope you do!) to go with SimplicIT, our virtual IT department, we will on-board all of your tech and you will be set up with (amongst many other rad things that you can read about on our services page) your three lifelines: an online portal, a 24/7/365 help desk and a Froogal account manager. These three tools are what you choose from when things go disastrously wrong or just slightly askew (we work with extremes in this industry). The help desk will be for technology problems, walk-throughs, and big MACs. Okay, not big MACs, but you do call the help desk for any Moves, Adds, or Changes (MACs) to your accounts. Then there’s the portal, which you will start to see as your key to freedom! Through it, you can create tickets, access your asset documentation, network documentation, account manager, and billing. No secrets. You see what we see. Lastly, the third prong to your helpful trio is your account manager. You go to them for technology consulting, product/service procurement, onsite support scheduling, and hugs. They are not your IT person, they are your concierge or IT escort. They make sure that all of your IT needs are met quickly.

One more time in a nutshell: we find your technology savings, negotiate your new rates, set up the new services for you, teach you how to use them, and then manage all of your IT. You won’t have to work with other service providers unless we send one your way specifically to solve an issue. On top of all that, we will constantly be monitoring your tech to make sure that there are no issues and that everything is running smoothly. We operate off of the belief that proactive (NOT the acne stuff) is better than reactive and we want to make sure that we’ve got you covered.

The Face of Froogal