Why do we do IT? Because contrary to IT dork stereotype (we prefer adorkable), we really do love people as much as we love technology. And we know something that you may have suspected: IT Telecommunications Companies can be arrogant or just plain rude and sometimes they take advantage of people who don’t speak their language. Blame it on too little vitamin D or not enough human interaction, but sometimes, they overcharge for IT Telecommunications because they can. And sometimes they will sell you the whole kitchen sink when all you really needed was a drain stopper. Like we said, rude. This whole “exclusive club” thing they’ve got going on where they pull the wool over your eyes and charge you too much is giving us a bad rep. Which is why we decided to turn those people into (black sheep) and the exception, not the norm in the Micro and SMB IT Telecommunications market.




We are the loyal golden retriever type of the IT Telecommunications world. We came into existence to do one thing (or 5): to make IT Telecommunications with small businesses honest, easy, organized, affordable, and maybe even enjoyable. We exist for you; odds-defying, heart on your sleeve, micro to small businesses. We are everything that you don’t think of when you think about IT and we are going to make sure that becomes the industry standard. We will show you how we IT people turn the tricks and then teach you how to turn some yourself. Unfortunately, the rabbit is not included.



Caleb started Froogal because he hated seeing America’s micro and small business not getting technology applied to the lives and business the way he did. His goal was to change that and give micro and small business the opportunity to use tech in the way mid-size and large companies do. Like Marcus Lemonis, we also believe in Peoples, Process, and Product. If you’ve ever seen Marcus talks about this on his show “The Profit” you know it’s always the process that needs to be fixed. It’s usually not a person stealing money out of the till that’s causing a company to go bankrupt, nor is it adding one more cup of flour to the key lime pie that would have made it go viral. It’s the process that needs improvement most of the time.

We started by simply, as our name implies, helping our clients be Froogal with their telecommunications spend. Then something quickly happened once we were given the inch… we needed to give the mile back and we started finding missing 100 dollar bills our clients didn’t know had laying around their offices and giving them back, they started asking us to help them re-purpose this new found IT budget…that’s where fun begins.

We first needed to find out whom was responsible for the reallocation of these funds. That brought us the MSP Channel! And the lovely group of people that make America’s IT go round!

Now, we want to empower America’s IT firms by helping them bring this amazing product to their clients!

The Face of Froogal




Founder / President

Caleb is passionate about standardizing systems and processes for MSPs to better serve their clients. Highly energetic, motivated, creative, human-friendly — with a touch of mellow smoothness. His background comes from the electronic retail and mobile industry which helped him really understand the channel. From operations to networking, Caleb loves shaping the wild west of IT.

On the weekends, you will find Caleb landscaping/gardening with his better half, Jill (we still don’t know how she puts up with him). They have 3 golden retrievers; Cal, Jack, and newly added Hank. You will never know which is which since he has a dozen nicknames for each of them. When Caleb is not geeking out on golf or the Packers (did you see the logo?!), he enjoys never being satisfied with his own work, which enables him to be ever evolving and learning.



Co-Founder / Chief Marketing Officer

Always perky. Always smiling. That’s Kristen. Even after putting in extra hours several days in a row, she’s still on top of her game. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that she is a chronic coffee consumer.

Joining Froogal in 2017 as a freelance marketing consultant, Kristen brought a unique combination of creativity and analytical skills to the company. She’s well versed in the art of communication, in tune with business, encouraging of others and, to top it off, she knows all the 80’s hits!

Now as Co-Founder / CMO of Froogal, Kristen oversees marketing and graphic design. From high level marketing strategy to creating marketing collateral, Kristen wears multiple hats. On weekends when she isn’t updating the website or coming up with new marketing ideas, she can often be found sitting on a patio with her husband (JC), son (Deymon) and frenchie (Mr. Julian James) in NE Minneapolis.