Froogal is looking for Sales Consultants (Greater Minneapolis Area)

Compensation: Commission only, 25% of Net Profit / Negotiable

Froogal is looking for sales consultants. Commission only to start. This would be a 1099 position, with no hard selling or sales quotas! We work for our clients not ourselves! Our product is one of a kind and one of the easiest to sell.

Learn more about Froogal’s telecommunications cost reduction service HERE.  IT experience, cellular sales experience, or sales experience are all a huge plus.

We help small business owners analyze their current monthly telecommunications service costs. We know they don’t have the time or all the information to make sure they’re paying the amount they should be for all of the services they want and need. From internet access, to TV, to cell phones, to that LAN line they don’t “really” need any more, to all the small business service needs, and to all the little subscriptions in between.

We have a detailed conversation with them about any current issues with any of their telecommunication services, how they use their current services, and how they would like to maybe use them in the future. We know there is something new everyone wants to utilize but just doesn’t know how to implement it. We help with that.

Our intent is to lower their monthly fixed costs by leveraging referral partnerships with technology service providers in order to custom fit technology solutions to meet their needs and wants for the lowest possible monthly costs while maintaining the highest possible quality.

Froogal takes a unique selling proposition with its clients. In that, Froogal does not have any up-front costs or retainers for our analytic services. Froogal charges our clients 10% (25% if they want us to finance it over 24 months – interest free) of any savings found or created over a 24 month period IF they pursue our advice.

We are not sales people. We will not recommend switching a service if it does not fix a current problem a client told us about or lower their monthly cost while maintaining the same quality or better. We want to see them get what they need and want, pay the least amount possible for it and love using it! If we don’t help save them money or they decide not to pursue our savings findings, they simply don’t owe us any. Sending our name along to someone else we can try and help is all we ask.

So what would your responsibilities be?

Prospecting for new clients:

  1. This includes tons and tons of phone calls. Some of them warm… most of them cold.
  2. Finding and going to networking functions during the day and at night. The more the better!
  3. Creating partnerships with other providers (fractional CFOs, CPAs, and other Small Business service providers), to gain access to helping their clients.

You should be – Fun. Happy. Energetic. Creative. Outgoing. Computer savvy, tech savvy, and love dealing with people. You need to love talking on the phone and enjoy helping people. We are looking for people who are honest, organized, and used to using checklists! Did we say organized?!  You need to able to follow directions, listen and retain information, use a CRM system, and manage yourself (for the most part). Accountability is a must and most importantly, treat others the way you wish to be treated.

Does this sound like you? Are you interested?