The What?!?!

Cost Reduction

Think of FroogalCost Reduction as the Keto of Telco… we trim the fat from your monthly spend, but it’s less painful than cutting carbs and sugar from your diet.

It’s easy. It’s fast. It’s Amazing.

Cost Reduction

This is a process by which we look into a crystal ball and tell you how you can reduce your IT costs. Crystal ball or not, we carefully analyze your current IT Telco setup and figure out how you can save that young money! Not too $habby.

Want to add value and visabilIT into your telco spend?

We’ll send you a cost reduction calculator to fill out online. Then we’ll bring that info to our dorks in cages…

They will have some great ideas for you on how to save your clients’ BIG money!

And we're off!!!!

Saves More Than 51%

On Average / Bi-Yearly!

17K Yearly


That’s what we call Froogal

It’s a Win Win…

You get a complete audit

You save money

You get a telco Vendor Ninja contact list