The Face of Froogal




Founder / President

In the winter 2012 Caleb Driscoll departed retail in order to create something that empower American Micro & Small Business and their technology usage, in this small step he found a new path…his purpose.

Most of you that have had the chance to work with him during his time in retail, hopefully noticed something different about your interaction with one another versus your normal sales experience. Hopefully, you noticed, attention to detail, solution driven suggestions, no hard sales closes or manipulations, care for your needs, sensitivity to your budget and your monthly fixed costs…and an obvious selflessness in putting your needs before padding his wallet.

Well, if those were indeed your experiences with him then you will be more than happy to know we started a company that focuses on just that experience, that interaction, that detail, and that sensitivity to your budget and your monthly fixed costs. Technology is defined as: the making, modification, usage, and knowledge of tools, machines, techniques, systems, and methods of organization, in order to solve a problem, improve a pre-existing solution to a problem, achieve a goal, or perform a specific function. We are technology…We are proud to introduce…Froogal.

Froogal is a ten-year idea that has been developed from our experiences with customers, family, owning and operating small businesses, and helping grow client’s small businesses. During our time in the technology industry we have become aware of how it, in general is, not purposefully, positioned to take advantage of its customers due to their lack of knowledge on options, solutions, contracts and the ever-changing pricing structures.  Consumers purchase what is marketed, and typically do not have the time or the information required to stay on top of their costs and hence fourth usually pay more than needed. For obvious reasons, your service providers do not call and let you know they have a better deal for you. We have also become aware that the individuals and businesses purchasing technology services or devices usually do not understand how to use them to their fullest potential. This causes fear, frustration, lowered enjoyment, and in some cases they may feel technology just isn’t for them and can’t possibly help make their lives or business run more smoothly. Lastly, consumers have and will always have those unexpected sh…..IT moments. A virus, a broken screen, lost files, problems hooking things up, and all the little questions and what do I do now’s in between. We decided to put an end to all of these problems and created Froogal.

Froogal’s sole intent is to do the right thing for the customer, to become their trusted advisor for all things technology related, to help facilitate and create dynamic cost saving solutions to fill their needs while also helping to refill their wallets. to give them the knowledge they need to make correct decisions about their technology devices and services, to educate them in a way that instills confidence in using their devices and services, and to be there for them when their technology attacks.

We do what we do because we love people and we love technology and we simply want to see our clients get the most out their technology while helping them pay the least amount possible for it. Our methodology is simply Givers Gain. Despite all of our commitments to our clients and employees, Froogal as a company exists solely to generate revenue to give back to non-profits, community charity organizations, and to help those who cannot help themselves. From Caleb To all my past beloved clients, it has honestly been my honor in having you be the individuals that made my days’ worth going to work, that allowed me to come home at night and look myself in the mirror and know I did everything I could for you because I enjoyed every minute of my days with you.

I look forward to serving you in this new venture as well and if not better than before.
Talk with you soon!



Chief Client Experience Officer

Joshua Ford is the Chief Client Experience Officer at Froogal, where he ensures that our Account Managers provide the best possible interaction between small and micro businesses and their technology.

He comes to Froogal after a myriad of experience in business: first with his parents’ companies as a young man, continuing with his baccalaureate studies (graduated in 2003 from South Dakota State University), and later with his own career in retail management. From these experiences he learned the value of leadership, organization, hard-work, and problem solving. He firmly believes that small businesses form the backbone of the American economy and understands that technology issues can cause distraction and undue stress on them. At Froogal, he aims to help with that.

Since August of 2003, Joshua has been married to Malene, with whom he has four children (Aidan, Zoe, Edward, and George).

Joshua is passionate about travel (the American southwest is a favorite travel spot), the outdoors, sailing, and guitars.