We Make [IT] Happen

Get Froogal certified! Together, we will be the Bread, the Butter, and the Bacon… no, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Micro and SMB IT with the goal of infusing the market with accountability, transparency, and honesty.

We know that your clients can be needy and that sometimes it feels like you’re babysitting them (they called you in because someone lost their cursor…Google it people) and you spend a lot of time doing unnecessary business things when really you just want to be (insert dorky thing here). We are Froogal, and we are about to offer you everything that you have ever wished upon a star for (we mean IT-wise, so don’t ask us for wishes we can’t grant because we will be sad).

What we do is help you organize, document, and manage your IT business. Want to save time? Check. We eliminate 90.25 hours of your MSP’s workload per month. Want a reliable customer base? We will move you from billable hours to subscription-based billing so that you feel like you’ve always got a fish on the line. You want better software, but it just wasn’t fated? We will give you a back office with industry leading (you may salivate now) software. Want to grow? We will expose you to tons of new opportunities, including bigger procurement credit lines and multiple new streams of revenue (more than 16 and growing!).

Essentially, when you work with us, you get to be more you and we get to be more us. We bottleneck the process so that the client has to go through us before we call you in.  We will be your back office, procurement department, NOC, SOC, and 24/7/365 help desk (US Based…whaaat?). We will help you with customer service and we will give you an account manager who will interact with clients and decide if it’s something Froogal can fix without wasting your gas money. This way, when we call you, you will know that it’s an issue that aligns with your skills and expertise, not a problem that YouTube could solve. Talk about refreshing!

So, if this whole saved time, energy, and headaches thing is calling your name, call us. It’s a 3 to 5 month on-boarding process and then we’re pals. Make the jump or the leap or the baby step today, batteries not included. You in?

Eliminate Hours

We eliminate 90.25 hours per month of your workload.

With Froogal, you can scale your business.  

Subscription Based

Move from billable hours to subscription based billing. 


Turn Key Solutions

Documentation, Asset Management

Telecom Expense Management and Auditing & Recapture.